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Ryo Fukui

Ryo Fukui Scenery Bundle

Release Notes
  • Ryo Fukui Scenery Bundle includes Fukui’s 1976 release, Scenery, as well as his 1977 album, Mellow Dream
  • LPs pressed on black vinyl
  • Albums feature some of Fukui’s most memorable tracks such as, “It Could Happen To You" and “Horizon”
  • Follow these links to purchase individual copies of Scenery and Mellow Dream

Ryo Fukui was a Japanese jazz pianist based in Sapporo. He played regularly at the “Slowboat” jazz club in Sapporo of which he and his wife Yasuko were the owners. He began to teach himself the piano in 1970 at the age of 22, releasing his first album, “Scenery”, six years later and his second album, “Mellow Dream”, the year after. This must have bundle includes Fukui’s first two records, “Scenery”, and “Mellow Dream”, both pressed on black vinyl!