Taeko Onuki

Taeko Onuki Sunshower Bundle

Release Notes
  • Taeko Onuki Sunshower Bundle includes Onuki’s 1976 record, Grey Skies, along with her 1977 release, Sunshower
  • LPs pressed on black vinyl
  • Records feature Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tatsuro Yamashita, and Haruomi Hosono as participating musicians
  • Follow these links to purchase individual copies of Grey Skies and Sunshower

Active since the early 70s, Ohnuki’s first role was as a member of Sugar Babe with Tatsuro Yamashita. In the mid-1970s she began to release solo albums, regularly collaborating with Ryuichi Sakamoto and other members of the Yellow Magic Orchestra. This bundle includes Onuki’s first two albums as a solo artist, “Grey Skies” and “Sunshower”. Don’t miss out on a chance to get your own copies of these two unforgettable Onuki records!