Kelompok Kampungan

Mencar Tuhan

Release Notes
  • LP limited to 700 copies housed in paste on covers.
  • Includes insert with photos and history written by Indonesian Music Journalist Denny Sakrie.
  • CD limited to 1,000 copies, and incudes 4 bonus tracks previously only available on cassette.

One of the true gems of the Indonesian scene, this album stands to be one of the best, and also one of the most unique albums to come from the region. Banned by the Shuko government soon after release, it remains somewhat obscure to most collectors up until now. An album created by Bram Makahekum (who had no musical experience or training at all) Kelompok Kumpangan had multiple members trying to recreate the sounds of nature, even using original handmade instruments invented by the band themselves. The end result is nothing short of brilliant, one of our personal favourites from the region and an album that can’t really be compared to much else. Wonderful progressive folk of the highest caliber, we can’t stand behind this one enough.