Shintaro Katsu

The Man Never Never Never Never Give Up!

Release Notes
  • First ever Shintaro Katsu box set released in 2012
  • Includes an exclusive 180 page booklet and an illustration by Takashi Nemoto
  • Box set explores the array of musical genres that Katsu performed, from pop to Enka
The Man Never Never Never Never Give Up!
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The first box set that compiles the charm of Shintaro Katsu, a big actor who continues to be a hot topic even 15 years after his death. It’s amazing!

Katsu appeals universally to people in their 70s who were once familiar with Katsu in the silver screen, and also those of younger generations who learned the charm of Katsu through DVDs and revival screenings of his great films. This CD box set captures the eternally immortal nature of Katsu.