The Highs

Release Notes
  • 140g 2xLP Pressed on Marbled Blue and White Vinyl
  • 23 tracks featuring elements of both new and old hip-hop
  • Gatefold Packaging
The Highs
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The Highs
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The Highs
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mike. (born Michael Francis Seander) is an American platinum recording artist. His musical journey started in 2012 recovering from surgery at Duke university where he was an all American pitcher, he still holds the record for lowest ERA in school history.

He went from making songs in his dorm room to building a loyal fan base independently & playing nearly 500 shows as mike stud over the past 8 years, but for the past 2 years, has been building a new sound as mike.

mike. is a genre-bending artist. in an effort to make something completely unique to him, mike. combined his love for catchy melodies & feel good song writing with hip hop lyricism & modern bounces to make something both nostalgic & new at the same time.