Light In The Attic Zine Issue 5 (Winter/Spring 2013)

Release Notes
  • Exclusive interview with Roky Erickson by Alex Maas of The Black Angels
  • Stephen “Sugar Man” Segerman on Rodriguez
  • A conversation with Marcos Valle and Rodrigo Amarante
  • Patrick McCarthy talks Big Boys
Light In The Attic Zine Issue 5 (Winter/Spring 2013)
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Light In The Attic Zine Issue 5 (Winter/Spring 2013)
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A Light In The Attic tradition! Each Record Store Day we launch our latest zine and this year we’re proud to present Issue 4. The zine is a showcase for upcoming releases over the next year, plus a great way to find out about other labels and record stores that we love.

Zine 4 includes exlclusive articles and interviews, features on upcoming releases, an updated catalog (with releases on Light In The Attic, Modern Classics Recordings, Future Days Recordings, and Cinewax), the LITA record store map, and old-school zine order form. Please use it! It’s FUN!

So how do you get your hands on one? Well, order a copy direct from us on this page, visit your local record shop on Record Store Day (and beyond) to pick up a free copy, and also it will come free inside select releases throughout the year.