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Inside The Shadow

Release Notes
  • First officially licensed reissue of this classic in almost twenty years; issued with the group‘s full cooperation and assistance
  • Remastered and restored by Warren Defever for best-ever sound
  • Sleeve notes from Aaron Milenski (co-author of the essential reference guide The Acid Archives), and recollections from Ron Matelic, Anonymous’ visionary songwriter.
  • LP is sleeved in a tip-on jacket, with a reproduction of the original lyric insert
  • CD is sleeved in a digipak, with 8 page booklet with complete lyrics and notes

“Close to the perfect album; each element has been drawn from the best possible source, yet somehow Ron Matelic manages to fuse these massive building blocks into personal, deeply human music.” – Patrick Lundborg, THE ACID ARCHIVES

Originally released in 1976 in an edition of 300 copies, the sole album by Indianapolis’ ANONYMOUS stands today as a high-water mark in rock ‘n’ roll, combining the adventure of west coast ballroom groups, the 12-string majesty of Byrds, and breathtaking multi-part harmonies to forge something inimitable and one-of-a-kind, with powerful songs that pushed the limit and raised the bar at the same time. Long time top ten favorite with almost every head we know, a true classic recommended for everyone into amazing rock records of all varieties.