Big Bang Music from the Universe of Genesis Noir

Release Notes
  • 2xLP Noir Black Vinyl
  • Gold Foil Trifold Jacket
  • Easter Eggs for Audio Sleuths
  • Music by Skillbard
  • Album Art by Genesis Noir creator Evan Anthony

Genesis Noir is a real gem — a fantastical riff that not only spans time and space, but also dabbles in fun little diddies like an celestial existential crisis and the notion of obliterating creation itself. It does so with tremendous style, drenched in monochromatic beauty and amazing animation, oozing with the essence of a smoky jazz club from another dimension. Did we just describe the game… or the album, because all those things are effectively captured in the soundtrack, too. Composer Skillbard does a phenomenal job of taking us on this massive mind trip, full of lively sax, energetic vocals, periodically somber notes and savvy future melodies. It’s absolutely fantastic and totally unique.