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Nakeyo & Lawrence Mace


Release Notes
  • Currently some of the tracks are placed in official playlists, reaching over a million total followers on sites like Apple Music and Spotify
  • The artists have previously been featured on Billboard, COLORS, Pitchfork, BBC1Extra, BBC Asian Network, iHeartRadio & Dutch Radio/TV.
  • A couple of the tracks also have placements in some big TV Shows on Disney+, Netflix and NBC."

Promise is a six-track project by Nakeyo & Lawrence Mace. The EP was made in Amsterdam, NL and is the result of a long-term collaboration between the two artists. Sound-wise the project explores a few different genres such as R&B, Afro and Pop. Concept-wise the EP is rooted in self-reflection and affirmations. Promise includes features from Maryland rapper Innanet James and Amsterdam-based producer Patchwork.