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Tisheh o Risheh: Funk, psychedelia and pop from the Iranian pre-revolution generation

Release Notes
  • Remastered sound
  • Colour insert with pictures and detailed liner notes

Ohhh, those rolling 6/8 time signatures, wah-ed out guitars, throbbing bass lines & shimmery disco strings. After two sets of singles from the jet-setting 1970s Tehran pop scene, Pharaway Sounds brings you a third round-up of tunes from just before the Iranian revolution. You’ll find rockers from bands like the Rebels, making their way through the western sounds of the late 70s. But maybe more important, hear the voices of the girls, sweet & tough alike, who all ran out & got their hair cut in a foxy Hamill camel just like trend-setter Googoosh. A set that veers from gypsy fiddles to crime jazz piano to Abba knock-offs, and it’s all from the teen idols of stage & screen who once filled glossy magazines to promote their latest musical adventures.