Boo and The Tru-Tones

Show The World

Release Notes
  • LITA Exclusive Yellow and Black Splatter
  • First time reissued
  • Recently sampled by Benny The Butcher
  • Underrated Soul and Reggae
Show The World
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The second album from Boo and the Tru-Tones demonstrated a significant growth from the band with the introduction of soulful and funky songs that started the band’s trip into fusions of island and funk. Leading off with the incredible soulful title track ‘Show The World’ (recently sampled), the album demonstrates the band’s ability to seamlessly weave an album full of reggae, calypso and soul/funk that manages to stay consistent and coherent. Show the World helped create the band’s global fanbase with pressings in both Turkey and Canada (above and beyond the multiple pressings in the Caribbean) and was responsible for starting the bands buzz in the UK. A wonderful listen from start to end.