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DJ Cam

Rebirth of Cool

Release Notes
  • DJ Cam has been one of the most influential artists in the “French Touch” era
  • Pressed on Purple Vinyl
Rebirth of Cool
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Rebirth of cool is a classic Hip Hop Jazz album , hard to find in vinyl . Dj Cam Quartet made more than 10 Millions streaming in 2021 . A must-have in every record collection.

He helped spearhead the famous “French Touch” together with Daft Punk, Air and Bob Sinclar. He is also a pioneer of electronic music, heralded by his peers (Massive Attack, Madonna, Jean Michel Jarre…)
In 1995, Laurent founded his own record label – Inflamable Records – which now has over a hundred productions in its catalog and sales of over 2 million records, including the famous “Summer in Paris” sung by Anggun (over a million singles sold).

Over the years he has been commissioned for high-profile remixes (Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, Serge Gainsbourg), film and TV scores (Gus Van Sant, CSI:Miami…) and soundtracks for fashion shows and events, as well as handling sound design for numerous boutiques and prestigious brand names (Cartier, Baccarat, Sephora, A.P.C…