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Coal Man (Sekitanjin)

Black Mountain Shadow

Release Notes
  • Limited LP with obi-strip

He started DJing around 1999, and before so-called “Japanese” music became as popular as it is today, he began to mix black music with Japanese music from the 70’s to 80’s, creating a DJ style that blends Japanese and Western influences.

The “floatin’treasure” series of mixes that reflect this style of DJing have attracted a lot of attention from enthusiasts. He is also a member of Kyushu’s top digger group “Black Finger League”.

He is also a member of “Black Finger League”, a group of top diggers in Kyushu, and has been digging up minor sources of music such as unreleased independent productions and unappreciated albums from all over Japan, playing them in clubs and introducing them on the web.

His wealth of knowledge and well-honed unique point of view have gained him wide support from core record lovers, and he is attracting attention as one of the key players in creating new added value in the market.