Meg & Drinkin' Hoppys

Sha Ba Da Swing Tokyo

Release Notes
  • Translucent Blue Vinyl
  • Vocalist of Minyo Crusaders
  • Recording and mixed by Mitsuyoshi Azuma

The first collaboration of Minyo Crusaders’ singer “Meg” and a Japanese 12 piece jump blues band called “Drinkin’ Hoppys”. Across these four tracks, Meg is showing highly respect for “Chiemi Eri” who is Japanese a Jazz / pops singer activated in the early 50’s ~ 70’s era and the original singer of these songs, much-loved amongst Jazz and Showa-Kayo fans. The opener “Carioka” which is originally played by Chiemi and The Count Basie Orchestra is an ep highlight.

Recording and mixing up is made by Japanese legendary bluesman Mitsuyoshi Azuma who is well known as front man of The Swinging Boppers. P-VINE Records is proud to be releasing this fantastic collaboration!