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Feed LA

Hikaye / The 3rd First Day

Release Notes
  • Private Press / Self Released 12" (45RPM)
  • Hand-Stamped by the band

From the famed German Funk outfit, Poets of Rhythm, Future Jazz group Faruk Green and studio magician, multi-instrumentalist and Jamie Lidell collaborator, Daniel Raymond Gahn, Feed LA was born. Feed LA is 4 hyper-talented and incredibly precise musicians letting loose in a Berlin studio. While their heady, creative approach to Jazz, and Post-Rock instrumentals is strictly controlled and delicately accurate, their recordings somehow simultaneously seethe with freedom, unity and an improvised boundless energy one might call “Free Pop”. Feed LA has captured the intriguing middle-ground moment a musical hypothesis becomes an experiment. They not only lasso the essence of their artistic storm, but shape and mold it’s center as well.