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Release Notes
  • 4th album recorded in London, originally released in 1994
  • This 180g LP uses the high-resolution audio remastered by ZAK

4th album recorded in London, originally released in 1994. This 180g LP uses the high-resolution audio remastered by ZAK.

Fishmans’ 30th anniversary! This is the 4th album, which is a masterpiece of Fishmans along with “Neo Yankee’s Holiday”. After releasing two maxi-singles in a row, the Fishmans rapidly gained strength as a live band and recorded this album in London with ZAK. Original release in 1994. This vinyl version has a cover with a photo taken at the “9th Sea Festival” held at Nishiki Beach Park Seaside Greenbelt in Osaka. ZAK remastered.

- Fishmans is a very unique and distinctive band in Japan. Their music is influenced by reggae, dub and rocksteady. They blend elements of rock, funk and hip hop as well. The result is very special and the sounds are uniquely hybrid.

Lead singer Shinji Sato was the group’s principal songwriter and he was an amazing front man and vocalist like no other, but he unfortunately passed away in 1999.

After his death many famous artists in Japan covered their signature song ‘Ikareta Baby’ and many other musicians, creators and listener’s of new generations keep loving their music now in the 21st century.

Kin-ichi Motegi as an original band member and the current drummer of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra has been playing the songs made by Shinji Sato.

Fishmans’ music is spread inside and outside of Japan and gains more new fans through music video distribution and subscription services.

As a result of growing popularity, a 172 minute long documentary film “Movie : Fishmans” was made after being crowdfunded and it will be released in Japan from the 9th of July.

are releasing Fishmans’ whole body of work left in their less than 10 years of producing. Their new and old fans can see their journey.