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Matt Wheeler

Wonder Of It All

Release Notes
  • Vinyl record features instrumental versions of all five songs – as yet unreleased in digital form.
  • Only 200 copies available
  • Master lacquer made by Levi Seitz of Blackbelt Mastering (Josh Rouse, August Burns Red, Denison Witmer).
  • The songs on the album are all based on classic works of literature, including “The Hobbit”, “The Little Prince”, & “The Horse & His Boy”, & each have audiobook-style short stories pieces that accompany them.
  • Most of the percussion on the album was performed on hard-cover copies of the books that inspired the songs.
Wonder Of It All
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Story has the power not only to entertain, but to shed light. Matt Wheeler invites you on a journey into story with “Wonder of It All”, a collection of songs based on classic works of literature – namely “The Little Prince”, “Watership Down’”, “The Horse & His Boy”, “The Hobbit”, & “Orthodoxy” – woven together by engaging audiobook-style narrative story pieces. The vinyl version of the album also features instrumental versions of all of the songs.