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Akira Ishikawa and Count Buffaloes

African Rock

Release Notes
  • Contains the popular tracks “Prayer” “Dawn” “Hunting” and “Love”
  • Obi Strip

HMV record shop Shinjuku Alta 5th Anniversary Item

“Prayer”, “dawn”, “hunting”, “love” drawn with beautiful and exciting sounds. Akira Ishikawa runs through the land of Africa with both jazz and rock.

Akira Ishikawa’s three pillars of musicality, jazz, rock and African music, are fused in the best balance, and it is a masterpiece that rushes one after another with thrilling songs.

A solemn “prayer” reminiscent of the eternal earth, a clear and psychedelic scent “dawn”, a quiet and beautiful “love”, a lively and explosive “jumbo”…

Not to mention the strangeness of the arrangement by Hiromasa Suzuki, the simple yet deep sound makes the concept / image of the album clear.

Ishikawa-related (not so-called instrumental cover) serious lines are alongside “Electrum”, Baxinba", and “Uganda”, and are one of her masterpieces.