Willie Dunn

The Vanity of Human Wishes

LITA 208
Release Notes
  • Official re-release of Willie Dunn’s fourth album
  • Available for streaming and digital download for the first time
  • Audio newly re-mastered by John Baldwin Mastering

Willie Dunn shared truth through song and celluloid. “It’s like the reason you’re supposed to make music,” said Kurt Vile about the song to MOJO Magazine in 2015. “He was our Leonard Cohen,” said singer-songwriter Eric Landry about his musical hero. In talent, he is Cohen, Dylan, and Cash rolled into one and along with Buffy Sainte-Marie, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, and A. Paul Ortega, brought a new set of perspectives and realities to the folk music tradition. The Vanity Of Human Wishes, Willie Dunn’s fourth album, originally released in 1984, is available for streaming and digital download for the first time. We are humbled to help honor Willie Dunn. May he never be forgotten… PEACE.