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Yurioka ChotoQ/Tantaro

HAGE=RAP - Hage Kakumei - Hajimari no Aizu/Gyu Tan Rap

Release Notes
  • A 7-inch of the songs that kickstarted the “Rap Kayou” genre in Japan

The new release of the Rap Kayou song series presented by P-Vine! Kayou (KayouKyoku) frankly means pop songs in Japanese, and are songs mainly from 70’s – 90’s Japan. P-VINE has been releasing a lot of works from “Phantom Masterpiece Liberation Union”, “Disco Kayou”, “Techno Kayou” which were released as a series reflecting the times, and a number of these raps quickly worked their way into general society. With its origins lying in historical mixes that explored combinations of Hip Hop/rap and Kayokyoku, “Rap Kayou” emerged in 2010. This 7 inch will present the track that kickstarted the revolutionary music genre!

A-side “HAGE=RAP – Hage Kakumei – Hajimari no Aizu” by Yurioka ChoutoQ’s own gag rap that’s not only wrapped up in Japanese comedy but there’s also high-quality track making at its base once your stylus meets the groove. The B-side includes a full-scale track and exquisite coupling “Gyutan Rap”, a tribute to the local activity of Sendai, the largest city in northeastern Japan where the lyrics expressed inflow are also wonderful!