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Weezer x Wave Break 7" (feat. "Tell Me What You Want")

Release Notes
  • 7” Vinyl with Wave Etched B Side
  • Featuring “Tell Me What You Want” from Wave Break
  • Music by Weezer
  • Album Art by Cory Schmitz
Weezer x Wave Break 7" (feat. "Tell Me What You Want")
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Weezer x Wave Break 7" (feat. "Tell Me What You Want")
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Few bands have had as much cultural impact upon generations of gamers as Weezer has, making this release all the more resonant. iam8bit has ecstatically partnered with the band, Crush Games, and developer Funktronic Labs to debut the excellent new single, “Tell Me What You Want,” on a beautifully screen-printed “melted popsicle” colored wax. It’s a banger of a track, exclusive to the ‘80s-drenched, “skateboarding” phenomenon, Wave Break, punctuated by the super fun, in-game, “Weezy Mode” (giant W trick ramp… hash pipe… see where we’re going with this?). Lifelong Weezer diehard and designer extraordinaire, Cory Schmitz, tops it all off with a fitting retro jacket design, complete with shimmering embellishments so glittery that you’ll be forced to don shades.