Lee Hazlewood

Rotter and Friends - Lee Hazlewood Tote

Release Notes
  • Officially licensed from the Hazlewood family
  • Collaboration between Rotter and Friends and Light In The Attic
  • Hand silkscreened 8oz 100% cotton “natural tone” tote bags, featuring original art by Jess Rotter.
  • Comfortably holds 10-15 records (depending on if the records are single LP or double gatefold LPs)
Rotter and Friends - Lee Hazlewood Tote
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For this year’s Record Store Day and the launch of our LHI Archive Series, we teamed up with our buds-in-arms Rotter and Friends to bring to you a truly awesome Lee Hazlewood tee. Now, we placed that same art on a tote bag! You can finally walk arm-in-arm with Lee! And what a Lee it is…this stoic-faced Hazlewood visage with ever present cigarette looks off in the distance as his cast of dames contort their bodies to spell out his name. Yes!

And hey kids, don’t be cute…records shown above are not included with the tote.