David Zulli


Release Notes
  • Gatefold album
  • 180 gr vinyl
  • Italian modern Pop-Prog
  • Top musicians and production involved

The second album by David Zulli, a talented Italian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist musician that gathers several musical sides from Classic 70’s Pop-Rock to Italian Prog-Psych. “2Q20” has been released after over two years of hard work, co-produced by Francesco Forni who also sung and played guitar on many of the 13 tracks included. A record filled with poetry, intimate and thoughtful, perfect to undertake a voyage journey in the darkness of the unconscious. The imaginary, clearly inspired Murakami’s surrealistic and melancholic themes of alienation and loneliness, is enriched by Zulli’s unique contemporary irony. Musically speaking there are many influences from Franco Battiato, Angelo Branduardi, Ivan Graziani, La Locanda Delle Fate. The gatefold album includes all the lyrics and remarkable artwork.