Sai Yoshiko

Chou no Sumu Heya

Release Notes
  • Limited Edition Vinyl
  • Comes with an iconic Japanese obi-strip
  • Sai’s last album before her initial retirement in 1979

Yoshiko Sai’s last album before her initial retirement in 1979! With famed Jazz pianist Tsuyoshi Yamamoto’s trio backing her, Sai’s music takes on an all new, jazzy dimension. The album maintains all of the quietly psychedelic spiritualism of her past works, while taking on an element of realism – a recognition of the outside world that perhaps reflects Sai’s own maturation. After this album was released, Sai disappeared from the music industry, claiming that she was unable to write songs that she liked. The last album of Yoshiko Sai’s original four album run, Chou no Sumu Heya, now with an OBI-strip, is available on limited edition vinyl from P-VINE Records!