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Ryo Fukui

A Letter From Slowboat

Release Notes
  • Long-awaited repress of this Japanese jazz album
  • Japanese pressing, comes with obi, limited edition.

His first two albums, “Scenery” and “Mellow Dream,” were highly acclaimed, and his name is now known to jazz listeners around the world. This album, “A Letter From Slowboat,” is his first leader album in 16 years. The recording was done at his home live house “Slowboat” with two promising young musicians whom Fukui recognizes as talented.

The lyricism that permeates “Sonora,” the poetry that surrounds “Stella By Starlight,” and the dynamism that overflows in "Speak Low. The touch is stronger, the emotion is deeper, and the fragrance is richer. I want to be better today than I was yesterday, and better tomorrow than I am today, even if only a little. With this thought in mind, Fukui has been devoting herself to the piano for 40 years. Here is a vivid record of the culmination of those 40 years. Even without the weight of being his last work, it is a pure masterpiece.