Rock Set

Pitea Kommun

Release Notes
  • 45 rpm single from 1979 reissued for the first time ever
  • One of the rarest Swedish punk rock 45s
  • Deluxe reissue with printed inner sleeve
  • Rare photos
  • Carefully restored and remastered sound

Ultra rare 1979 KBD-style punk rock from Piteå – a small town situated in the very north of Sweden. Rock Set is buzzing with small-town boredom and fuck authority attitude. The name Rock Set was inspired by UK pub rockers Dr. Feelgood’s Roxette, a few years before Per Gessle took the Roxette moniker to the top of the Billboard chart. “Piteå Kommun” never reached the Billboard chart but over time it has generated a cult following amongst punk rock aficionados all over the world. Original copies are nowadays changing hands for hundreds of dollars. A fact easily understood when hearing Rock Set’s perfect mixture of punk, mod, and garage-rock. In the late fall of 2020 OTD traveled to Piteå in order to find the members of Rock Set. A licensing deal was made and in true OTD fashion, the sound recordings were remastered and carefully restored. Many photos from the band members’ private photo albums are seen on the printed inner sleeve. Liner notes and turquoise vinyl. Filed under: ”beyond essential to any serious rock’n’roll fan".