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Jane Inc

Number One

Release Notes
  • Member of Ice Cream, U.S Girls & Darlene Shrug

Jane Inc is unlike any other project Toronto-based songwriter Carlyn Bezic (Ice Cream, U.S Girls, Darlene Shrug) has been a part of. It’s an incubator for experimentation.

A one-woman show where Bezic helms every role, guiding the creative process in a way that feels right for her. It’s an outlet to escape real-world bummers and forge fantasies, a sonic journey through a complex reality. Jane Inc. is an extension of Bezic, a solo persona used to explore the different facets of herself and her artistry.

Number One is Jane Inc’s debut album on Telephone Explosion, a collage of fragmented thoughts, turned into soundscapes that are flowing, dream-like reflections of the world, and how she sees herself in it.

Written and produced by Bezic, the early songs for Number One were created with samples and drum breaks on Ableton. She later recruited recording engineer Steve Chahley to record drums and drum machine on the final tracks with Toronto drummer Evan J. Cartwright (Tasseomancy, U.S Girls, Eucalyptus), adding saxophone by Nick Dourado (BUDi Band, Aquakultre, Fiver) and Wurlitzer by Scott Harwood (Scott Hardware).