Liset Alea


Release Notes
  • This new release exhibits the refined craftsmanship of Liset’s writing
  • Trip-hop, bossa nova, pop influences

Liset Alea has lived a thousand lives. She was born in Havana to an impulsive countryman who was working in Fidel Castro’s kitchen, and from whom he often stole the occasional piece of meat for the family and a literature major mother who had published some of her erotic poetry. At an early age, she had already mastered the art of escape, the immigrant’s task of learning how to leave behind one’s home, family, friends, language, and comforts to survive in an unfamiliar place.

While not on the road, she started working on what would become “Heart-Headed”, her new album co-produced alongside Marc Collin. Months in the making, “Heart-Headed” displays a balance of craft and emotion and exhibits the refined craftsmanship of her writing.