Michel Magne

Les Miserables (1982)

Release Notes
  • Soundtrack of the famous movie that broke the box office records of French cinema at the time
  • Michel Magne, composer of ‘Tontons Flingueurs’ and ‘Fantômas’
  • One of the most famous references in Cinema

In 1981, the shooting of this film began, which broke the box office records of French cinema (fifty-six million francs). It was directed by a filmmaker who had not filmed for eleven years (Robert Hossein). The film’s release was already scheduled for October 20, 1982, and immediately promised to be a major back-to-school event.

For Michel Magne (already the composer of the soundtracks of Tontons Flingueurs, Fantomas, Un Singe en Hiver, etc…), the time was no longer for great post-romantic scents, nor for acid jazz, and even less for the pop provocations of his Jean Yanne years. The very subject of Les Miserables immediately imposes a solemnity, a depth of field, a feeling of elevation.