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Makoto Kubota

Bye Bye Baby / Scent of Early Summer

Release Notes
  • Limited edition
  • Original jacket specs with lyrics included

Following the debut solo album “Wait and see”, a classic acid-folk record, this is an authentic reissue of a single album released after returning to the US.

A funky groove “Bye Bye Baby” with a motif of southern American roots music is performed by Shigeru Suzuki, Hiroshi Sato and others. The B-side features “Hatsuatsu Natsu no Kaori (Scent of Early Summer)”, which was later featured on “Yuyake Band”. It is an exotic number with a beautiful steel guitar tone that directly conveys the longing for Hawaiian music. Nowadays, his works are becoming popular not only in Japan but also abroad. This is a limited edition pressing, so don’t miss out on this one.