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Luciano Cilio

Dialoghi Del Presente

Release Notes
  • Official reissue

Luciano Cilio was a multi-instrumentalist and composer born in 1950 in Naples, an artist who sadly took his own life at the young age of 33. He managed to collaborate with many colleagues from his geographical area, among whom we can find Alan Sorrenti, Armando Piazza and the American songwriter Shawn Phillips, who lived for some years in Positano.

In 1977 he released his first and only record, “Dialoghi del Presente”, a very peculiar and unpredictable album, ethereal and abstract, suspended among folk, jazz, classical music, avant-garde and experimentation: essential and extremely accurate at the same time, both in visual and music contents – not a single note sounds wasted or excessive – this album could perfectly fit the catalog of ECM Records (Editions of Contemporary Music).