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Miles Bonny

Lumberjack Soul 2

Release Notes
  • Limited edition
  • Black and white splatter vinyl
  • The follow-up album to Miles Bonny’s legendary Lumberjack Soul LP
Lumberjack Soul 2
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The follow-up album to Miles Bonny’s legendary Lumberjack Soul LP. Hip hop and jazz-influenced soul music.

In 2013 Miles had completed the 4th tour to Europe when he dropped his traditional life in Kansas City and brought his family to New Mexico. A long road trip that demanded he begins building a place for his family to live when he arrived. Raw land, visions, and hard work made his Lumberjack Soul dream a reality. In the last 7 years, he has worked on this follow up album. A lifetime of exposure to Black American Music such as Jazz, Soul, and Hip hop has led to a blend of these sounds that is authentic to Miles’ experience as an American with European roots. THIS is your opportunity to own a copy of what Miles feels is his best album yet. Get yours while you can.

Artwork by Miles Bonny with painting by @DesertShipBuilder