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Benny Soebardja


Release Notes
  • LP pressing limited to 250 copies, however the Indonesian market has reserved 50% of the press leaving 125 copies worldwide
  • Housed in old-school “Tip-on” jacket

Having released albums with The Peels, Giant Step and Shark Move, Benny Soebardja recorded ‘Lizard’ in 1975.  After the success of the Shark Move LP, bootleg copies of the album started to appear on cassette in local markets, prompting Benny to produce an official version that would be released on Stones Fashions, a local clothing shop.  Since Shark Move was recorded for the purpose of a vinyl release, he needed a B-Side for the cassette, which is what collectors refer to as Lizard.  Having worked with British poet Bob Dook, Benny was able to craft songs using English lyrics, allowing him to speak on topics frowned upon by Indonesian officials.  

A true private press, he had no influence from labels, allowing him complete creative freedom.  With the help of the band Lizard, and with the backing vocals of members of Harry Roesli’s ‘Philosophy Gang’, this is one of the most notorious independent releases within Indonesian collectors circles.  A personal favorite, we are proud to present this album for the first time on vinyl, in a limited edition format with previously banned artwork.