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What the Golf? (Nintendo Switch Physical Edition)

Release Notes
  • Standard Version
  • Nintendo Switch Physical Edition
  • Region Free Worldwide Compatibility
  • “A delightful puzzle game where sometimes golf is bowling or archery and sometimes you’re a horse or a moon lander.” – PCGamer
  • ‘What The Golf?’ Might Be The Funniest Game Of The Year" – Forbes
What the Golf? (Nintendo Switch Physical Edition)
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WHAT THE GOLF? isn’t just a question — it’s also a game that exploits, to excellent comic hijinx, the scientific principles of physics. In addition, it oh so poetically queries — why do we only golf using golf balls? Why not cars? Office chairs? Even horses or giraffes? This is one of those rare, brilliant and absolutely hilarious gameplay experiences that doesn’t just entertain, it reminds us that innovation comes in all forms, including via a surplus of whimsy. We dare you not to smile while trying to 9-iron a mobile home for a hole-in-one.