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Various Artists

Rock Sound

Release Notes
  • Limited to 350 copies in paste-on cover

The most difficult project we’ve done to date, this compilation features some of the most obscure Zamrock bands to ever record. None of these bands went on to release albums, some have remained in obscurity even within collectors circles in Zambia. There were only released on 7" singles like the snotty, proto-punk ‘Watchout’, a number from the post-Amanaz Drive Unit, a group consisting of Amanaz members and legendary bassist Ricky Banda. Blistering fuzz guitars like the 3 1/2 minute solo on Hulk Raiders ‘Mans World’ that can go toe to toe with any guitar solo released during the period. ‘Shoot’ from Mother Breed, a band who went on to record a series of singles which we will be releasing as a full length album in the future, and others like; Mabanga Band, The Ghost Band, Heroes Band, Osauka Band and The Real Savages. The first in a series of compilations featuring obscure Zambian groups that will cover Rock, Disco, Folk and Afrobeat. Highly recommended for fans of the genre.