Various Artists

Cold Waves of Color Vol. 6

Color LP 10
Release Notes
  • Limited to 250x LPs out of a worldwide edition of 500 copies
  • Latest entry in this monumental series of cold wave reissues — all previous volumes sold out on vinyl
  • Cold wave, electronic synth pop, and minimal tracks from the Color Tapes archive, recorded between 1981-1985
  • Supremely rare tracks, drawn from micro DIY cassette editions of 100 copies (or less)
  • Comes with poster insert

“Up there with V-O-D selections, the Color Tapes series so far has provided invaluable insight to hidden or much lesser-known currents of the ‘80s cassette subculture which gave birth to myriad artists, styles and industry conventions whose influence can still be felt over 30 years later. " – Boomkat

“Evil Synths and evil beats” – Norman Records

“The re-born Color Tapes imprint is every bit as essential as it’s Minimal Wave and electro-focused predecessors” – Juno

The highly anticipated sixth volume of the well received electronic compilation series of tracks drawn from the vaults of the Color Tapes label. As with the other volumes you can find great examples of cold wave, minimal wave, and synth electronics made by obscure British bands in the 1980’s such as: Berserk In A Hayfield, Lives of Angels, Silicon Valley, Modern Art, Disintegrators, Echophase, The Lord, and Mystery Plane. As with all of the other volumes, this is a co-production between Lion Productions and Color Tapes.