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Limiter / Verheimlichung

SoS 166-2
Release Notes
  • Limited to 300 copies

It can be turned round as you like, Gewalt has managed to be one of the most innovative German bands in 2017 in the advance of Noiserock.

Sound, language, live performance, reflection, everything arises from an eruption and for that reason also conveys a totality that you rarely can find. Maybe that’s why the band decision to go part of the way with Sounds of Subterrania. The theme of the fifth single is dealing with the intensification of the impossibility and inescapably of our existence. Exactly two headwords Gewalt clarifies. Point one concerns concealment:

“Can we overcome our loneliness? If so, the price for it seems to be to trim each other. We are unable to see each other and we are unable to perceive our utopian version of ourselves. We love at the lowest level.”

Point two limiter: “We are born as geniuses and leave it as idiots (Holger Czukay)”