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Imperator of Pop

SoS 079
Release Notes
  • 180 gr. Vinyl with a stunning and lovely crafted megaposter cover

AMOS is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and entertainer. On his debut album “Imperator Of Pop” – as the name implies – you find 12 songs at the highest stage, a disco cocktail made
of contemporary sound patterns and the essences of 80ies pop, coming with a sovereignty that makes you think you know AMOS ever since. At the same time this all appears so diversified and refreshingly real that you can be sure you’re far-off the usual pop cultural pabulum. AMOS moves ably within his precise arrangements, between guitar riffs, bittersweet vocal choirs and a crispy brass, doing without any razzmatazz, evocative of Quincy Jones work for the early Michael Jackson. The packaging, too, is one of a kind. AMOS – Imperator Of Pop is available via Sounds Of Subterrania! on June, the 1st 2007 as CD or Double LP, each with a stunning and lovely crafted megaposter cover. This album is truly unique.