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Freddy Fischer & His Cosmic Rocktime Band

Schuhe Raus Und Tanzen Gehen

SoS 126
Release Notes
  • 180 gr. Vinyl

Danceability, the groove.

The rhythm with about 120 beats per minute. If one is young it’s hard to understand, but we have always needed it: the disco ball!

And now, especially right now, we need it more than ever. I realized that myself much too late. “Disco” – the word is on everyone’s lips. But we’re talking about Disco here, not about “Disco”.

The difference becomes clear very quickly as soon as you put the new maxi single by Freddy Fischer and his Cosmic Rocktime band onto the turntable. Slowly and quietly the wonderfully warm sound sets in. Produced on a Hammond organ and a Fender Rhodes piano. Then the bass joins in and pulls you onto the dance floor. Supermax, Moroder, Detroit Emeralds, Roy Ayers – all these names flash into your mind and you want – no, you have to – just dance. That’s groove! That’s disco.

And then there are these few words: “And when we dance, we dance the way we are …” and there he is: Freddy Fischer, the man I love so much. A man who is able to boil down the complexity of a whole genre with ease. A genre that like no other stands for freedom, for equality and acceptance. All the values that I treasure since years. A genre that doesn’t care or judge whom you love, what color your skin is or how much money your parents or your boss pay you. A genre that sees you as what you are. As a human being.

“As long as you act like a human being you can do what you want. That’s the deal.” said David Mancuso. And that is where the circle closes. “And when we dance, we dance the way we are …” And yes, we will dance.