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Human Abfall

Form Und Zweck

SoS 147
Release Notes
  • 180 gr. Vinyl

After Paris, San Bernardino, Boston, London, Madrid and many others we must not be afraid of life and we all have to learn to find the way back to normal. For this reason, the music group HUMAN ABFALL from the city of Stuttgart is back now with their second Album “Form und Zweck”. Without falling into consternation but with clear answers to the ability to act in the wrong way, HUMAN ABFALL describe humanitarian crises and human disasters with their music. Postpunk (à la The Gun Club, Grauzone and The Fall) merges with elements of East Coast Hip-hop (à la Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang Clan and Nas) into a looping, dystopian soundscape. Over the soundscape floats the manic dadaist chanting of the singer Flávio Bacon, telling ambiguously from the tragedy of Europe at the crossroads in perfect officialese German language. “Form und Zweck” is an album telling about life at the end of a a cultural age – no more and no less.

Members of HUMAN ABFALL also play in:
Flávio Bacon (The Pillars of the Cosmos)
JFR Moon (The Flat Building and JFR Moon)
Bronko Schwarz (Levin Goes Lightly and The Lost Rivers)