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Lubomyr Melnyk

The Song Of Galadriel

SoS 182
Release Notes
  • Limited All Analog Remastering Recording (AAA)
  • special sleeve

“Reading Tolkein´s LORD OF THE RINGS saga was one of the greatest experiences of my life … his amazing talent for words was mindboggling … and the great topics he touched upon remain forever as the most important topics of life … they are still most valid today .. and will be for all eternity. Everything he described through his magical words came to life before my eyes !

So it was most natural that he would inspire music within me … music that I can not describe in words how it relates to the Saga .. but deep inside me, it all shines clear as a lamp-post on a dark street … and it shines into my soul in many, many dimensions….."

…. and on a technical note, this piece marked the first time I created Arpegge Melodies within Continuous Music !"

In the ”Song of Galadriel” Lubomyr Melnyk has created one of the great epics of piano music in our century, a work of visionary character, filled with haunting and delicate melodies that evoke the mystical world of Tolkein’s ”Lord Of The Rings”.