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Dudley Simpson

Doctor Who: The Sun Makers

Release Notes
  • Number five in a series of eight collectible vinyl.
  • Classic Doctor Who soundtracks spanning three decades are released here on limited vinyl pressings. Collect all eight and see the spines make a composite image of the TARDIS
  • The sleeve includes full notes by Mark Ayres.
Doctor Who: The Sun Makers
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The Sun Makers (written by Robert Holmes) aired in November and December of 1977 with Tom Baker as the Doctor and is set on a tax-crippled planet Pluto. Along with trusty assistant Leela and faithful K9, he exposes the corrupt Company, defeating the Collector and freeing the population from financial misery.

Composer Dudley Simpson (1922-2017) wrote prolifically for the BBC, producing hundreds of soundtracks for Doctor Who, The Tomorrow People, Blake’s Seven and many others. The Sun Makers was scored for just six musicians and recorded, for the main part, live in the studio. However, such is the musicianship of the players, several of whom where multi-instrumentalists, the resulting sound is much bigger. The sleeve includes full notes by Mark Ayres.