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Mateo Stoneman

Mi Linda Havana

Release Notes
  • using the latest remastered sound source for this time of the analog board
  • board the domestic press = Toyo Kasei Co., Ltd.
  • flip back = reprint of a special jacket of Perajake specifications
  • jacket of the mirror coating ultra-luxury Using paper
  • Fancy band included (luxurious printing of special specifications) + back commentary specification
  • Special parts to prevent the bottom of the jacket from being included in “Production Decine” are also included.
  • Only 300 pressed

United States The masterpieces of gemstones that have repeatedly traveled to Cuba, a male SSW and Mateo Stoneman’s beloved, are finally the first analog version. The title is “My Beautiful Havana (Mi_Linda Havana)”. A debut and dreamy Cuban Bolero masterpiece, no less than the debut of the classic Mateo, full of love for Cuba.

Mateo Stoneman, a male SSW based in Los Angeles and Cuba, traveled to Cuba many times from 2003 to 2012 to create a work called "My Beautiful Linda Havana.‘’ is. The previous work “Mateo” (CD: VSCD-9376 / LP: scheduled to be re-pressed with PDLP-007 → PDLP-016) released by Production Decine, despite the quiet start, rumors and rumors spread, and now it is Although it is a gem that is very popular, this work is also a gem of Cuban jazz vocals and boleros as expected, no better than expected, no less than the previous work. The beauty of Mateo’s clear silky voice remains the same, and the back face, including members of the Buena Vista Social Club and the orchestra Aragon, is too gorgeous. It is also worth noting that most of the songs sung with beautiful jazz performances are original songs by Mateo’s pen. It’s not flashy, but it’s a romantic work that only American Mateos can do.

The sound of the piano at the outset of “A1. Alma con Alma” (the nestling soul), which beautifully decorates the opening, is enough to prove that this work is a masterpiece. The singing voice of Mateo, who sings gently and lustfully, is unique. The original song “A2. Andando por el Malec_n” (Malecon Street) is a romantic and dramatic number led by elegant strings. In addition, “B1. La Virtud de Cuba” (Virtues of Cuba) where the splendid orchestrations are comfortable, “A4. Los Aretes (ear decorations)” where clear high tone voice and sharp melodies are exquisite, sorrowful Mateo’s original songs, such as “B4. Pasitos (a small step)” with impressive piano phrases and “B7. Navegar el Mar” (crossing the sea), where some sadness oozes out But it is exquisite, and in this work, you can enjoy his talent as a melody maker. Also interesting is the unusual feature of Brazilian music, “A3. Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar”, which will add depth to the work.

The encounter between Mateo’s singing voice and Cuban music was both accidental and inevitable. It is a beautiful and inspiring piece that makes me think like that. By all means, please enjoy this wonderful work on a soft analog board.