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black tape for a blue girl

Ashes in the brittle air

Release Notes
  • Meticulously remastered from the original mixdown 1/4″ tape by Howard Givens
  • 140-gram clear vinyl with black smoke. With b&w lyric card
  • Their goth hit “Across a thousand blades”
  • Limited edition of 300. 100 are already sold

Black tape for a blue girl’s 1989 third album remastered from the original 1/4-inch analog tapes — it sounds amazing! Sue and Oscar’s vocals are much more present, the instruments are clear, yet the eleven tracks retain that dreamy, romantic quality you remember from the 80s. Ashes contains angst and trepidation in the lyrics yet also beauty and hopeful melancholia in the mood and music. It’s an album of existential, ethereal, and gothic musings. Ashes was the release that brought the band out of the fanzine-based underground — “Across a thousand blades” on CMJ’s Certain Damage! Volume 16 compilation CD garnered regular airplay nationwide. In fact, many fans mention Ashes was their first exposure to the music of Black tape for a blue girl.