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Release Notes
  • Fans of Aghast, MZ 412, Zaliva-D, Atrium Carceri, raison d’etre, Desiderii Marginis, Sephiroth e.t..
  • Absolutely unique dark ritual ambient from China
  • CD with exclusive bonus material
  • Solid digipak CD, limited to 400 copies
  • Taken from the ORIGINAL MASTERS

Long time sold out, impossible to find and highly acclaimed Dark Ambient masterpiece available again.
You can almost sit back and imagine yourself laid on an icy cold mortuary table, with a circle of men approaching you with ceremonial knives. The music on this release really is that effective.

“Wuyuan” really is not comparable to anything else from its genre; as usual, the Chinese scene provides us once again with something as twisted and unorthodox as anyone could want to imagine.