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Bad Sector


Release Notes
  • one of the most interesting albums of Italian ambient/industrial master Massimo Magrini
  • First time on CD!
  • For fans of Lustmord, Bad Sector, Oval, SPK, Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin
  • CD housed in a rock solid Digipak.

science experiment as pagan ritual…

Who needs representation for Bad Sector? Certainly almost no one. Since 95 year, each new album of this project it’s event which is awaited by every second listener of industrial music.
And now – long-awaited, CD the version, one of the most interesting albums of Italian master Massimo Magrini!

First time Transponder was released as CD-r on Blade Records in 99, now the album is again accessible, in a new format and with additional, exclusive compositions of that period – ""Yst"" and ""Waal""!
More than 60 minutes dark, deep, meditative, structured noise-ambient, in the best traditions of Dolmen Factory and Ampos…