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raison d'etre


Release Notes
  • Fans of Lustmord, Biosphere, Robert Rich, Atrium Carceri, early Delerium.
  • Taken From Original Tapes
  • Excellent sound and studio remastering by Peter Andersson
  • Solid limited Digipak

As the title suggests ‘Collected Works’ is not an album with new material of raison d’etre (Peter Andersson). It is a collection of tracks from between 1999 and 2010 that has appeared on various compilations or other external projects. Suprisingly, despite the collection fact, these tracks form together a unity like if they were material for a conceptual album and presents a memorandum of a past.Death, decay, melancholia and sadness is the common attributes and this is also beautifully rendered in the images by Martin Bladh (Irm, Skin Area) used for the artwork.

His premature death masks sequence is based on different aging faces of Peter Andersson and works as the perfect facade for this kind of soundwise journey and exposure.