Within A Decade

Release Notes
  • The complite anthology of Finnish folk legend in one 3CD Artbook release
  • Guests musicants cult Portland band Agalloch
  • Fans of Agalloch, Tenhi, Empyrium
  • Excellent sound and studio remastering by Aslak Tolonen(Nest,Syven) himself.
  • Taken from the ORIGINAL MASTERS
  • 3CD artbook + 40 pages booklet with liryc and paintings

Finnish Neofolk / Ambient project NEST by Aslak Tolonen and Timo Saxell, well known far beyond the mentioned genres. Every connoisseur Agalloch, remembers beautiful split Agalloch / Nest from 2004 , which is literally killing its brevity, fans Skepticism likely heard interpretation «The Gallant Crow» from Nest. Aslak Tolonen had to take part in groups Shape Of Despair, Todesbonden, Tevana3, Tuonenpolku, Where Rivers End, and of course Syven, new main project by Aslak Tolonen .

In addition to the atmospheric ambient landscapes, like musical reflections of paintings Asloka plot compositions revealed through the fragile beauty of melodies of kantele ( Finnish ancient plucked stringed instrument). In fact, the kantele one of the primary assets of the project, giving it a unique, fabulous sound and atmosphere. Once again, you should get the fact that Aslak extraordinary painter and his admiration for nature he expressed not only through music , but also through pictures. We can say that Nest audiovisual project because almost every track exists illustration and one complements the other.

Existed for a little over 10 years, recording two full-length albums ""Woodsmoke"" (‘03) and the ""Trail of the Unwary"" (’07), Nest has ceased to exist and Aslok now focused on a new project Syven. Nevertheless, music Nest is still relevant, all published records sold out long time ago. It was logical to summarize project anthology of creative activity, which becomes release IF- 40 : NEST – ""Within a decade"".

This edition we prepared about 2.5 years, and here you will find not only all the music ever recorded by NEST, including tracks from compilations, demos, covers, full-length albums, as a result of more than 3,1/4 hours, but also all the illustrations painted by Aslok, fit 22-page booklet.