Release Notes
  • Classic Italian medieval folk album with post-punk blend
  • Fans of Dead Can Dance, early Corvus Corax, Empyrium
  • First official CD release
  • Excellent sound and studio remastering by Martin Bowes (Attrition)
  • Collectors Deluxe Digibook, 32 pages booklet, Limited: 300 copies!
  • Taken from the ORIGINAL MASTERS

The very first tape PROPHETIA (1990) released on CD by Infinite Fog Productions. To celebrate this album, in 2017 Ataraxia have recorded three exclusive tracks (written in 1989/1992) never released before. These old but new tracks keep the spirit of the 90ies with a nowadays feeling. Nicolas Ramain took care of the lay-out and design. Thanks Nick for the album cover as well! The picture is by Mick Mercer.

DE LUXE LIMITED EDITION – 2CD A5 Digibook including a huge number of pages with exclusive pictures of Mick Mercer and Norma Gombok + 2 exclusive photos sessions of ATARAXIA (dated 1990 and 2016), many writings.

CD 1 features the original 9 tracks of PROPHETIA digitally mastered + 3 new songs (The garden of Cyrus, Dusky Daphne, Requiem) as bonus tracks. CD2 features a 1989 bootleg (live recording) with 6 exclusive songs (Teuflische Mosaikarbeit, Memphitis, Confiteor, Ono No Komachi, Die Suhne, Que no te sienta venir) released on CD exactly as they were.