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Maeror Tri


Release Notes
  • 25th-anniversary reissue.
  • Fans of TROUM, Rapoon, Sunn O))), zoviet france.
  • Feat. John Balance (COIL) on bass and vocal.
  • Excellent sound and studio remastering by Peter Andesson (rison d’etre)
  • One of the peaks in short Maeror Tri story.
  • CD+DVD in Deluxe digibook
  • Ultimate collectors item for those who deeply in the old-school ambient, drone and industrial music, collectors, rare-searchers and an especially great gift for all Maeror Tri and Troum lovers.

This is our 4th step in reissues of Maeror Tri albums and obviously, there is no sense represent to you this legendary ambient/industrial trio, again. This time in our Digibook reissue series we glad to announce “Venenum” – a peaceful drone album recorded between 1989 – 1991 years. A first time “Venenum” was released in 1992 as a tape and reissued on limited 200 copies CD in 1999 by very nice short-living France label ÜNE®ecords. New version carefully remastered and packed in a Delux hardcover Digibook with booklet. Beside of CD album, there is also a great surprise for all band-fans – bonus DVD with “Timeless Transcension” – an experimental video created and released by the band in the 1992 year on VHS.

The outstanding artwork was created especially for the album by a young painter and designer from Sanct-Petersburg Anton Bogdanov, who did a great job for “Peak Experience” and “Mind Reversal” reissues before.